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Contemporary construction


Since 1989

The company KTISIS Construction is based in Thessaloniki and was founded in 1989 by the civil engineers Christos Chatzilaris and Giannis Batsilas.

As experienced second-generation builders, they envisioned continuing to build private buildings together.

Giannis Batsilas | Civil Engineer, AUTH


Christos Chatzilaris | Civil Engineer, AUTH


Panagiota Syrrakou | Architect Engineer, AUTH


Andreas Batsilas | Architect Engineer, AUHh


Elena Chatzilari | Architect Engineer, AUTH

Lygia Chatzilari | Architect Engineer, AUTH


Maria Batsila | Civil Engineer, AUTH


Dimitris Vlachopoulos | Civil Engineer, AUTH




Our goal is the continuous development in the field of construction and the establishment of new higher goals:

  • Search for preferential land plots with the aim of purchasing them or rebuilding them with the compensation system.

  • Study of functional modern buildings with high aesthetics, by experienced architects, civil engineers, and interior designers, taking into account all the rules of seismic protection and bioclimatic architecture, fully implementing the anti-seismic regulation, the energy efficiency regulation of buildings and their harmonization with.

  • Selection of materials of high quality and fidelity.

  • Construction of buildings, as a whole, by experienced specialized staff of the company or subcontractors, with long experience in their field, achieving the best quality construction result.

  • Formation of competitive real estate sales prices, offering innovative repayment programs.

  • Delivery of buildings to buyers on time, within specific time frames.

  • The support "after sales service" after the completion of the project.

All of the above objectives and features are achieved by the extensive experience of the same manufacturers and associate engineers, who guarantee the construction of modern and functional buildings of high aesthetics, environmentally friendly to their users.

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